2014 Superbowl Top 10 Commercials

We all know Super Bowl is notorious for Eating those yummy homemade snacks, Sippin down brewskis, and finally, EPIC commercials.

With commercial spaces running companies a whopping $4 million dollars, the nation’s biggest companies got the best and brightest marketing teams together to capture the attention of 111.5 million people.

Check out Color Fun Fest 5K’s pick for the top 10 commercials of Superbowl 2014 (videos included) and let us know your favorite!

(10) Audi 3

(9) Radioshack

(8) M&M

(7) Maserati

(6) Microsoft

(5) Honda

(4) Cherokee

(3) Butterfinger

(2) Budweiser

And Finally….our number one pick…. (you can probably guess why we picked this one)

(1) H&M