What am I doing at the Color Fun Fest 5K?

You run, walk, or skip the 3.1 mile course, while having the time of your life with friends and family getting colors thrown around you! Then celebrating at the massive finish-line festival with music, color, food, drinks, vendors, and good vibes.

How does it work?

An awesome 5K course will be laid out. Every kilometer there will be a station that will throw a different color on you and at the very end there will be a massive finish-line celebration with colors flying everywhere. Pretty much, it’ll look like a rainbow fell onto the earth. Visit our About page for more details about Color Fun Fest.

What do I need to bring to the event?
Be sure to wear a white shirt you are okay with getting color on. That means leave the wedding dress, tuxedos, and your company polos at home (unless your job is boring and you want to color it up some when you go back to work on Monday morning). Bring your bib, friends, colored powder, and all the excitement you’ve had to contain for weeks because this is where it all comes out.

Can I walk the course?
Yes. Many people walk the 5K course in about an hour.

Will the color ruin my clothes?
Although it will probably wash out fairly well, we’re still going to say yes. It’s better safe than sorry. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting colored in. We recommend wearing an awesome white shirt to show the color at its most vibrant!

Are kids allowed at this event…do they need to be registered?
Yes. All kids 12 or under can run for FREE! THEY WILL STILL NEED TO BE REGISTERED to be able to run, but they won’t get a shirt or colored powder so make sure to share your goodies with them. They will however, still need to sign a waiver. In order to accurately ensure we have enough supplies for all participants (color, water, porta-potties, etc) we need all participants to register online. Day of event child tickets will be $10.

Can my friend pick up my packet? 
In order for a friend to pick up the packet of another participant, they will need either a photo copy of your ID (paper or digital ā€“ i.e. A photo on your phone), a hard copy of your ID, or your Ticket with your name printed on it.

Where do I pick up my packet?

Most of our packet pickup locations are still To Be Announced, but please check our list of cities and their Packet Pickup info section to see if your location is posted. See Locations Page Here. Free packet pickup is the day before the event at a selected location, and event day packet pickup is at the venue during the event.

Can I bring my dog?

Although we are all dog lovers, we do not allow dogs at the event, with the exception of service animals. This is not only for the safety of participants but also for your pup.

How can I volunteer?

Color Fun Fest wouldn’t be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. Visit the Volunteer Page to get more info on how to be a part of the colorful festivities. If you are part of a large group that would like to volunteer, please send and email to and give us some detail about how your group would like to be involved! Thank you!

Can I bring my child in a stroller?

Yes, but start at the very back please. We would like you to keep your children safe from the crazy stampede of people jumping into the air and prancing around in color.

How old do I have to be to participate?

All ages are welcome at Color Fun Fest! If your child is 12 and Under please make sure to register them for their free ticket and sign the legal waiver.

Will the event be canceled if the weather is less than cooperative?

Color Fun Fest events will proceed unless the weather condition is extreme.

Is the color powder safe?

Yes, it is made from food grade cornstarch so it is safe and natural. All the powder is non-irritant, non-toxic, and conforms to the European Standard (EN71-3).

I need to transfer my ticket from Day to Night (or vice versa)!! How do I do this?

There is a $10 fee to transfer tickets. Online ticket transfer is not available. Our solution to this issue is that we will be having attendees transfer tickets at packet pick-up (THE DAY BEFORE EVENT). The transfer fee will be $10 per ticket. If you wish to make the transfer on the day of the event, it will cost $15 [there is a $5 day-of packet pick-up fee, we recommend picking up your packet the day before]. If you decide to transfer on the day of event, please come to the event you wish to attend (transfer from day to night ā€“ come to night event to switch).

All inquiries can be e-mailed to .

Do you donate to a cause of charity?

Absolutely! Check your city event page to see what charity Color Fun Fest is working with in your town.

How can my company sponsor a group to participate in your race?

We can accept a one-time payment either by check or credit card and issue you however many vouchers you’d like to purchase to distribute to your office. They can then go on our website and register without needing any further payment information since the ticket has been paid for by your company.

I need to put myself or someone else onto a team ā€“ we forgot during registration!

We can add you to the team manually if you send a request to . Please provide the name of the team and the names/emails of the people that need to be added. If you need to change your team name, just tell us the name of the original team, the password, and what you would like to change it to.

I thought Child tickets are free, but Iā€™m being charged $4.99?

Yes the tickets are free but the ticketing website charges a $4.99 service fee. Sorry about that! We need an accurate count of how many people will be at our event so we can supply the efficient amount of everything for our participants. That means from port-o-potties, to color, to water, to available Color Fun Fest Official gear in our booths! We want to make the experience the best possible for everyone there.

What if it rains?

Color Fun Fest is a fun run so we have no problem playing in the rain. If we delay the race transfers are free; if the run starts on time then all fees apply. We will only delay the race if the city officials or officers tell us it is unsafe.