Color Ambassador

What is a Color (Ambassador)?

A color ambassador is someone who has a positive energy and is excited about distributing flyers among local businesses. Nobody knows your community better than the people who live in it, and that’s when YOU come into the picture. We invite you to be a part of our family environment by getting your family, friends and fans excited about Color Fun Fest 5k. It’s as simple as signing up and emailing us the pictures of the different businesses where the flyers were distributed. Not everybody can become a color Ambassador; you must be a fun, outgoing and a little kooky. If you are all of these things you will fit in perfectly with the COLOR FUN FEST TEAM and we welcome you.

How does it work?

Fill out the Ambassador form below and we will contact you regarding your interest in the program. Upon confirming your interest, a packet containing the flyers will be mailed to your address. You will distribute the (5) stacks of flyers to a minimum of (5) local businesses in order to receive (1) free entry code, which will allow you to either sign up for the day or night run. For participants interested in taking the extra mile, we have the opportunity for you to earn extra entries by flyering extra businesses, or flyering local events.

This Sounds awesome, What do I do next?

Ok, so you have made it this far, you must be ready to fill out the form below to get set up as part of the Color Fun Fest 5K Ambassador Team!

Thank you for all your loyal support

–The Color Fun Fest Team.