Color Fun Fest 06 | colorfunfest5k

Here at the Frequently Asked Questions page, you have the chance to know about the common questions being asked by our guests on a regular basis. Check them out because some of these questions are maybe the same questions that are running in your minds. In that way, you can have your answers immediately, saving you the time and the effort in contacting us. But just in case you have to follow up questions or questions that are not answered here yet, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have our contact details posted at the Contact Us page of this website.

Q. Where can we see the schedules of the Fun Run events and how would we know what this Fun Run event is about?

A. You can find the schedule for our events on this website. You can check them out at our online bulletin. We regularly upload there the schedules and the particulars of every event. If you do not want to keep monitoring the bulletin or the website, you can just sign up for our newsletter. In that way, the schedule can be delivered straight to your email once they are already available.

Q. How much is the registration fee for every event?

A. For every event, it varies. We will publish the amount you need to pay for the registration at the same moment we upload the schedule. It will also be indicated there what will be in the loot bags or if there are singlet available for you.

Q. Is the singlet being given for FREE?

A. The singlet is FREE for everyone who will register. So make sure not to miss them out because we create a beautiful and unique singlet for every event. If you are collecting them, the singlet that we create is not something that you should miss.