Color Fun Fest 04 | colorfunfest5k

Color Fun Fest 5K brings more color to the Fun Run events you are used to. We host here Fun Runs made even better than ever. Enjoy your run bathe in a variety of vibrant coloring that is safe and natural. Even your kids will enjoy during our events.

We started three years ago when we got tired of the old and boring way of Fun Runs. So we thought off a better way to improve it and this is by making it as colorful as ever. We even thought thoroughly of ways in how we can make this possible in a way that will not hurt the people who will join. Through many deliberations and trial and errors, we finally found a way and that is by using vibrant food-grade cornstarch. This is just the first step because we are continuously looking for ways in how to make Fun Run seven better. We encourage you to follow us here and our events so that you can be always updated. You can also send your suggestions here and let us work together to make it happen. In that way, you can be an instrument for the enjoyment of many individuals who love Fun Runs like you and us here at Color Fun Fest 5K.

Here at Color Fun Fest 5K, the organizers are just composed of people who are very enthusiastic about their craft. They are very dedicated to making it possible for people to enjoy in every Fun Run event. So if you are a fan, we encourage you to participate in our every event. We have at least one every month so you can always keep your adrenaline rush all throughout. You should also watch out for our FREE events because a lot of surprises await you and prizes too.